Solymar       Premium  Apartment
 Playa del Ingles Maspalomas


   The next supermarket is if you walk 100m along the main street on the right from the Solymar and in front of the Italian Que Pasa Tio on the right is the Unelco supermarket. If you walk left out of the Solymar you will find the DINO supermarket after about 100m on the left. Opening hours 8 a.m. to 10 p.m :00. The best thing to do when things get busy is to shop at the SPAR supermarket in the Cita shopping center. You have to turn right onto the main street until you reach the roundabout, about 100m, then turn right until you reach CITA, then turn left at the Gold Krämer and immediately right again. You will then walk straight towards the Spar. There is also a LIDEL supermarket in San Fernando, which can be reached by taxi for around €4 - €6

Breakfast :

You can get everything you need for breakfast at the Dinos supermarket, 100m to the left along the main street. The Zipf bakery has German rolls for you and you can find it in the Cita 150m up the main street on the right and at the roundabout on the right. You have to walk to the right in the Cita, on the left is the Zipf bakery. You can also have breakfast there. If you walk 150m to the right from the entrance to the roundabout you will find the German Cafe on the right, where you can also have breakfast. However, it is still most beautiful in the apartment on the balcony 😊  

Taxi + bus + rental car:

                You can find taxis at the Riu Palace about 50m on the left at the Solymar entrance. The buses all leave directly at the roundabout if you walk about 150m to the right on the main road. Rental cars are also available at Solymar. Top Car is also highly recommended for one-way airport trips and is located up the main road on the right and at the roundabout on the left opposite the SUN CLUB 




  You can find a good doctor opposite the CITA shopping center, simply take the main street on the right until you reach the roundabout, about 150m, then turn right past the Cita. You will then see the doctor sign on the right, then you have reached the polyclinic, there is also a pharmacy right next to it     

Entertainment + Party:

 Nightlife in Playa del Ingles usually starts later and takes place in the Jumbo, Kashba or Cita shopping centers. There are countless clubs and discos, beautiful cocktail bars and pubs.

I would recommend Cita to you for a fun evening with dancing, a cozy beer with friends, new contacts or watching football together. Climb the stairs and celebrate, you'll find lots of restaurants there. To get to the Cita you have to take the main road on the right until you reach the roundabout about 150m then turn right and the Cita is on the left side

If you are gay then the Jumbo Center is the right address, there you will find bars, discos, cocktail bars, entertainment. You walk about 1000m up the main street on the right, when you see the Barbados restaurant on your left you have to turn right. After about 100m you will find the Jumbo Center on your left 

Young people go to the Kashbah there you will find lots of bars, discos, entertainment best reached by taxi


Water park amusement park Palmitos Park casino accessible by taxi or bus

You can play mini golf in the Jumbo Center or walk about 500m down the main street on the right and it will be on the left

Dunes and beach:

    You can see the Riu Palace Maspalomas from the balcony, so walk through the archway and directly behind it are the famous dunes of Maspalomas. You can now either take the path to the right through the dunes then after about 700 m you will find the nudist beach. 100m further is the textile beach. Or you can walk left along the promenade to Anexo and get to the beach there without having to cross the dunes.


Restaurant tips not far from Solymar

Que - Pasa Tio : 

Italian restaurant, very tasty Italian, when you leave the Solymar, walk on the right about 100 m on Tirajana, the Italian is right on the main street on the right. Our recommendation is pizza or pasta dishes and breadsticks

Golden Bamboo ( Chinese )  

You can also find a good Chinese restaurant about 100 meters from Solymar if you walk right down the main street and after the Italian Que - Pasa - Tio turn right into the side street and it is right in front of you. Our tip: crispy duck

Restaurant München : 

 Also walk along the main street on the right, about 150m at the roundabout on the right and after about 50m you will come to the CITA shopping center. As soon as you enter, turn left at the gold store and then immediately right again, it is the last terrace restaurant. You can eat very cheaply and well there. Our tip: grilled sole or grilled entrecot

Restaurant Luigi : 

It takes a little longer to walk to this restaurant, about 15 minutes, but it's worth it. It is located in the La - Sandia shopping center. You walk down the main street at the entrance to Solymar on the right until you reach the roundabout about 150m, then right until you reach CITA, where you walk left around the corner and keep going straight until you see the La Sandia shopping center on your right. Go into the pub street and keep going straight ahead. The last restaurant is Luigi. You can really eat everything on the menu there, it's all delicious. There is always a free starter of bread with garlic dip and before you pay you always put 3 bottles of schnapps or liquor on the table where you can drink as much as you want.    


Sights and tips 

Gran Canaria is known as the “Island of Eternal Spring”. And rightly so, because warm temperatures prevail here all year round. There is plenty of opportunity to get to know the island's numerous sights - from breathtaking craters to mini-deserts and dream beaches to culturally diverse cities. We introduce you to the most beautiful excursion destinations on Gran Canaria!



Travel time:
In principle you can visit Gran Canaria all year round. Even between December and March, the temperatures are still warm here, which - at least in the north of the island - even makes a beach holiday possible.





Traffic rules:
The traffic rules on Gran Canaria are essentially similar to the German ones. You will come across roundabouts particularly often on site. The following applies: Anyone inside the roundabout has the right of way.





Speed ​​limit:
In urban areas, a maximum speed of 50 km/h is permitted. The speed limit is 110 km/h on motorways.


Culture: Gran Canaria has a rich cultural heritage and many cultural highlights. The traces of the colonial era are still visible here.


Puerto de Mogan, the Venice of the Canary Islands

Idyllic canals that stretch from the harbor into the town center. Picturesque alleys through which the smell of fresh coffee wafts. Whitewashed apartment buildings with subtle splashes of color and colorful flower gardens. The town of Puerto de Mogán, which emerged from a fishing village, is a true gem - and is not called “Little Venice” for nothing. A visit is worth it not only because of the beautiful cityscape and the many cozy cafés, but also because of the wonderful bathing bay.

 Dunas de Maspalomas

A desert in the middle of Gran Canaria? Actually there is. The Dunas de Maspalomas, located in the southeast of Maspalolams, extend over a length of six kilometers. The dunes made of coral and limestone tower up to 20 meters high - and offer a unique sight. There is even a small oasis in this miniature desert. This is located near the Faro de Maspalomas lighthouse. A visit is worth it just because of the waterfowl that breed here. Good to know: The dunes of Maspalomas are particularly popular with fans of nudist culture. The only nudist area in Gran Canaria is located in the middle of the beautiful dune landscape.

Las Palmas capital 


Near the Caldera de Bandama is Las Palmas - the undisputed metropolis of the Canary Islands. A detour to the diverse city is an absolute must as part of a Gran Canaria tour. Not only is it worth taking a long walk through the old town, but also through the neighboring district of Triana. Many streets here are still dominated by buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries - including magnificent Art Nouveau facades. The pretty San Telmo Park is also located here.
You can get to know the original population of the Canary Islands in the Museo Canario, which is located in the middle of the historic Vegueta district. Admission costs 5 euros for adults and admission is free for children up to 12 years. Further information about the museum's exhibition can be found here.
No less worth seeing is the Jardín Botánico Canario Viera y Clavijo – the botanical garden located just outside the city. Here you can see the majority of the species native to the Canary Islands. The complex itself is quite spacious, so you should plan a few hours for the visit.
Tip: Las Palmas is particularly lively during Carnival, which is traditionally celebrated between January and February.
----Short Facts Las Palmas----
Must-see: Old Town, Museo Canario, Botanical Garden
Museo Canario opening times: Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.; on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Botanical Garden opening hours: All year round from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
Worth knowing: Carnival is celebrated in Las Palmas between January and February. The hustle and bustle on the city's streets and beaches is a unique sight.


 Roque Nublo

The Roque Nublo is the landmark of Gran Canaria. The mountain rises majestically more than 1,800 meters into the sky. The bizarrely shaped summit rock stretches itself up another 65 meters - and is therefore clearly visible from afar. When you look at Roque Nublo, it quickly becomes clear why the mountain was revered as a sanctuary by the natives of Gran Canaria. Right next to the Roque Nublo there is a rock that is at least as striking: the Roque Rana, which means something like “frog rock”.